Ellis Industrial
Our mission is to design and industrialize tailor-made precision components. Our knowledge of raw materials and the great wealth of experience we have gained through years of successfully tackling challenges is combined with our commitment to forging close working relationships with our clients. Our mission is to ensure guaranteed quality standards that meet specific client needs perfectly. This process is further enhanced through our proactive strategy of constructively proposing solutions to client problems.

Working with clients to develop solutions, not just products

ELLIS ENGINEERING is part of the COMUNELLO GROUP, which for over 50 years has maintained a position of primary importance in the market by investing in technology, equipment, know-how and the development of internal resources.


Tailor-made projects for a range of sectors and specific needs

ELLIS’s core business is based on the development and industrialization of special components for leading industries in a range of sectors, both nationally and internationally. We take detailed requests from our clients and add the internal know-how developed over decades of experience in order to obtain the best results with maximum efficiency. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise makes ELLIS the go-to solution for a large, heterogeneous and demanding range of clientele.

Know How

Know-how is our heritage and our guarantee

Solid experience and extensive knowledge of metal deformation and processing technologies combined with a great wealth of operational skills developed over many years are among the fundamental prerequisites for the rapid and accurate creation of new products, and ultimately for error-free mass production.


Selected core technologies and process control in order to achieve the highest quality standards

A policy of ongoing investment in state-of-the-art plant and machinery contributes to the achievement of our objectives, as well as an integrated quality management system that extends from SPC control to dimensional tests and mechanical characteristics. Our process of continual internal improvement is driven not only by our clients’ requests but also by ensuring we stay fully up to date with emerging technologies as they come onto the market. To this end, in-house training is an integral part of the ELLIS mission. The all-important level of professional skills of our staff is consistently maintained at the highest standards thanks to our ongoing program of training.

Research & Development

An active and proactive partner in research and project development

At ELLIS, a dedicated inter-disciplinary development team analyses requests and defines the best solutions in order to meet customer-specific requirements. The implementation of effective development procedures ensures the efficiency of the process thus ensuring optimum results

Cold Forming

The advantages of cold forming

Cold forming has many advantages, and is 100 times faster than turning

  • Raw material savings
  • Large-scale mass production
  • Ability to create products with special shapes
  • The replacement of compound components with individual components
  • High mechanical load capacity of the components
  • Constant maintenance of the dimension and tolerances of the components
Machining Technology

Flexibility ensures competitive advantage

Machining moulded parts is the answer to requests for components which are ready for assembly. ELLIS offers a highly flexible range of solutions for working special features in order to obtain the most effective and efficient process for the client. State-of-the-art machines with a high degree of automation for working processes, swarf removal and deformation processes are used to achieve the best possible solution for the client.


A single warehouse for rational distribution management

Our large, single-site warehouse is equipped with advanced management systems to ensure ease of handling, guarantee component availability and assure prompt delivery of goods anywhere in the world, accurately and on time.

Design of tailor made packaging for tailor made products

In perfect coherence with our in-house training program and our mission to provide a fully-customized production service, we can meet our clients’ specific needs in product packaging by working in close partnership to study and create customized solutions for all types of sector-specific packaging.